What are millennials looking for when visiting a hospitality establishment?

28/04/2016 11:29:19

‘Millennials,’ those loosely defined as being aged between 18 and 35, are currently a hot topic in the hospitality industry as they are quickly becoming a key customer. Hotels and restaurants are increasingly trying to adapt their establishments in order to connect with millennials and keep up to date with the apparent changes and emerging trends.

When pausing to reflect on this age group the word most readily associated with millennials, is technology. Commonly they are an online generation, choosing to access and consume services via non- traditional methods. Outlets such as Tossed, the salad bar chain, have removed staff interaction entirely by inviting order and payment on IPads. Inamo restaurant group also joined in with an interactive ordering system that they believe helps to increase guest loyalty and engagement and has in fact become a point of attraction for the restaurant.

Another common theme among millennials is the increased usage of Apps to find restaurants in their desired area, along with reviewing the menu; often to the point that they know what they are going to consume before they have even arrived. They are taking in more content than ever before with menus containing far more information than they ever used to, from calorie counting to images of the food. Keeping up to date with this is crucial to any establishment continuing to succeed.

Millennials are seeking deeper, personalised experiences; the general norm is no longer enough for this generation. This brings us to hotels, The W Hotel group now have the option to unlock your room using either your smart phone or apple watch and, in Japan, face recognition. You can book online, check out online and in some cases even order extra amenities through a Hotel App. Staff interaction is diminished with the use of technology becoming more preferable and in some cases faster. It has even developed as far as some Hotels using WhatsApp to communicate with their guests in order to make sure they are getting what they need, when they want it. Millennials have veered away from the norm and want to receive a unique, easy, multi-sensory experience, which is worthy of a social media post!  

When it comes to marketing restaurants and hotels, we are seeing a rise in the use of videos; images alone are no longer enough. Being able to visualise the experience and what it would be like to eat at a certain restaurant, or what your stay would consist of, via the use of 360 degree video. Going forward it is important for owners of hotels or restaurants to give millennials more information than they might instinctively suppose, including ease of access and engaging content in order to avoid them trailing off e.g. to other sites to find information on your establishment that may be rated by the public and out of your control to edit. You need to be the number one source of information and be able to deliver to a generation that are used to having access to information with a click. Keeping up with current Apps and trends of this generation is crucial. It’s simple; the more you deliver on the user experience the more business you will secure. 

Who can help your business develop?

Companies are forever adapting their products to keep up with the advancement in technology. Two exhibitors from Hotelympia provide great products that are perfect for hotels or restaurants looking to upgrade their technology. 

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Joanna Childs
Content Marketing Specialist