The Model Instagram

08/03/2016 14:46:06

2015 Speciality & Fine Food Fair exhibitor, Smith & Sinclair use a variety of clever marketing techniques that have resulted in a large number of followers and created a stir around their products. Find out what you can learn from their Instagram account in order to increase your following and product interest amongst consumers.


Simplicity can be a very effective tool when it comes to Social Media. Smith & Sinclair use simple yet inviting images on their Instagram profile. As people scroll through their newsfeed they look for eye catching images that instantly reveal what the product is and who the company are. You don't have the viewers’ attention for long so your message must be inviting, clear and concise. This can be reflected in consumer purchasing, the easier the process the more likely we are to buy it, and the same can be said for Social Media. Be sure to consider this when you create a post; think about how regularly you are posting and the quality of each.   


Video advertising is fast becoming the future of content marketing. There is no better way of engaging consumers than creating an insight into the product they are looking at in the form of a video. It focuses their attention solely on your message for a short amount of time and opens up a window of opportunity for Marketing. Businesses, especially those on a smaller scale, need to rise up to the challenge of using short videos in their social media as it is important to keep up with competitors and the movement of Social Media itself. Many online Apps and Websites have given smaller businesses that may not have the money to spend on Social Media campaigns access to create such videos for free.  

Smith & Sinclair use some effective short videos on their Instagram ... take a look here.


Competitions are another great way to grab people’s attention. It is best to think about the timing of when you advertise these. Think about who your target audience is and what their work hours may be like. When will they have the time to enter it and what would persuade them to take part? With the correct information and good content it can be a great way to gain attention and expand your audience.

Smith & Sinclair exhibited at Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September 2015. Find out more.