The Evogro Plant Growing System

21/01/2016 12:16:38

Evogro helps people to grow their own perfect plants. Growing top quality edible plants is hard and many people lack the space, time or know-how for traditional approaches. Evogro applies the latest horticultural technology to solve these problems and makes it simple to use.Evogro is a privately owned company, based at the East Malling Research campus in Kent.

Freshness & Flavour
Evogro produces beautiful little plants with great flavour. You pick the living plants just when you need them so they are as fresh as can be.

Evogro uses state-of-the-art LED lighting and hydroponics to optimise the growing conditions to suit each crop. You decide what stage you want to harvest and Evogro can reproduce that crop consistently.

Easy to Use
Evogro uses environmental sensors and smart cloud software to monitor your crops and manage your system automatically. Use the app to select your crops and keep track of progress.

Complete package
The Evogro package includes: cabinet rental, monitoring & management service, planning & tracking app, supply of all seeds & consumable items, support & full warranty.

Meet the team at Evogro

Evogro are exhibiting at Hotelympia on stand 1069