Ten resolutions for your spa/gym

08/01/2017 11:36:35

Like most, you are probably starting the new year with the usual resolutions; giving up chocolate, drink and aiming to exercise more, but what about your business? Have you ever thought about making resolutions for that? Here are my top ten resolutions, in no particular order.

One – Reflect

Take time to reflect on what has happened over the year. Before you put your head down to start another, stop! Write down a list of positives and negatives, but try not to only focus on the successes, it is important to see what didn’t work. Make changes, not the same mistakes. 

Two – Take action

Once you have reflected on the business make an action plan of the changes that need to be made and how they are to be achieved, but make them realistic and easy to follow. Being too ambitious will, like your own new year’s resolutions, not last long and the mistakes will start to happen. Try to stick to the new action plan, but if at any time the plan is not working, re-evaluate. 

Three – Same Old

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Albert Einstein

Don’t keep churning-out the same offers, treatments and services, use your imagination and try to offer something new. Don’t fall into the trap of “we have always done it that way”.  Involve the staff in making suggestions; remember they are the closest to your clients so listen to what they have to say. And remember to adjust your marketing strategy to match.

Four – Communicate

Many complaints from clients or mistakes made by staff are a result of poor communication amongst a team.  Look at the way in which you and your team communicate with one another about the day-to-day running of the business as well as future events or changes and ensure that the information reaches every member of the team. This could be through morning meetings, hand- over diaries, texts or a good old fashioned white board. Whatever it is, good communication is vital to a successful business.  

Five – Repairs

First impressions last. When a client uses a facility or a piece of equipment it should feel like they are the first to try it and not that it is worn or being held together with tape. This applies to everything from a fitness machine to a sauna, from a shower to a tap to a towel.

Spas and gyms have expensive equipment that can go wrong. If it does, don't patch it up, repair it properly. This may be expensive, but calculate how often a piece of equipment hasn’t worked and the money you have lost because it cannot be used. More importantly, how many times the clients have complained, or worse still, suffered in silence and not returned. This loss is invariably more than the cost of any repair.  

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Six – Old Stock

All stock rooms have stock that has been sitting there for a while taking up space and wasting money. If it is still in date, then use it. Think of creative ways to introduce it into a treatment, perhaps a limited offer of something that isn’t on the treatment menu or build it into an existing treatment as something extra. For retail stock, once you have tried the quick sale, sell it to the staff at cost.

Seven – The Operation

If you don’t have an operations manual, get one. It is an important manual designed to ensure that all members of your team are carrying out tasks in the same manner. It sets standards and helps to maintain them. A good manual should cover everything about procedures and how they are to be performed; answering the telephone, greeting guests, room presentation, health & safety and so on. It can also be used for inductions, training and setting standards upon which appraisals are based. 

Eight – Break the staffing habit

It is not uncommon to see a business stagnate because the team are all like-minded individuals with the same strengths but also the same weaknesses. Problems arise but no one can really see where the problems are.  This is usually because one person is interviewing and will tend to recruit similar people with similar personalities. Break the habit and try to recruit outside your comfort zone, ask other members of staff to sit in on the interviews and give a different opinion. Ensuring a team has a mixture of personalities can be very productive for a business and bring about new ideas and positivity.    

Nine – Staying on top

Stay ahead of the competition and be aware of what is happening in the industry; read a variety of trade magazines, attend industry conferences and exhibitions (including overseas) and engage with as many other business people as you can.  

Ten - Enjoy

In my experience, the most successful businesses are run by people with a passion for what they do. People with drive but also with a sense of fun. If you can create an atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in, every day, then you'll be on your way to a very productive, satisfying and successful new year.  

Lisa Knowles – The Spa Set

A Spa Consultant for over 15 years, advising and guiding on new set-ups and existing businesses.

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