How Biophilic Design Influenced The Dairy Restaurant

21/01/2016 15:16:58

We interviewed Robin Gill head chef at The Dairy to find out what he does to make his restaurant and menu so successful.

In what way has biophilic design influenced your business?

Our rooftop garden is definitely integral to the day-to-day running of the restaurant. We’re very fortunate to have to space to grow a selection of herbs including multiple varieties of mint, fennel, courgette and rocket in our rooftop garden.   We can’t grow ALL the vegetables we use in the restaurant, but we do have some fantastic suppliers that provide us with the rest. 

What one piece of equipment is the most integral to your kitchen?

I’d have to say our Big Green Egg! We use it to cook most of our meat and to smoke our bone marrow butter too.

What is your signature dish?

There are only a few dishes that remain on the menu all year round, but we're generally known for our sourdough bread and bone marrow butter. Our baker comes in every morning to bake the bread and my mum made all the hessian bags that the bread is served in, and we want it to feel like a homely gift from us to our guests!

Did you take food trends into account, if so, what?

We don’t really go with ‘trends’ as these fade in and out of fashion.  Instead, we prefer to focus on seasonality, using the best produce available depending on the time of year and plan our menus around the seasons!

What are the future plans for The Dairy?

Currently, we're just focusing on our 3 existing sites: The Dairy, The Manor and Paradise Garage - making these the best they can be. We have a few events comings up at Paradise Garage and The Manor, showcasing some of our home-grown talent so keep an eye out for those!

By Robin Gill, Chef

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