Dukes Hotel Collaborates With Hackett

01/06/2016 10:07:25

A personal shopping service from your hotel room is the latest craze at Dukes Hotel...

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Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has brought together beautifully British hotel Dukes London and iconic British menswear brand Hackett to offer SLH guests staying at the hotel an exclusive personal shopping experience. This brand new service allows SLH’s independently minded guests the opportunity to browse the latest Hackett collections from the comfort of their hotel room in London’s St James. Guests who make a reservation at Dukes London via SLH are able to take advantage of this special service. Once guests have booked their room they will be invited to share their personal style profile, including clothing sizes, with Hackett. Hackett Menswear stylists will then set about creating the perfect bespoke wardrobe to complement the guest’s style. A selection of luxury Hackett clothing will then be packed inside a special Globe Trotter trunk, along with some complimentary gifts from Hackett, Beefeater and Murdock London. The trunk is then delivered to the hotel room ready for their arrival. Guests are able to try on these specially selected

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Hackett Products at any time throughout their stay, selecting items they may wish to purchase. If the guest needs any alternative pieces, they are able to contact Concierge who can liaise directly with Hackett. Any items they wish to purchase will be added to their bill and payable upon checkout. This exclusive service has been designed to combine the convenience of personal shopping and an insight into the latest trends with the ease of a door-to-door service. Whether the guest is looking for a fresh shirt for a last-minute dinner or for a whole wardrobe update, the Hackett bespoke trunk is on hand to help.

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Matthew Drinkwater, Operations Manager of Dukes Hotel, tells us that Dukes is known for its premium level of service and going the extra mile for guests. The collaboration with Hackett offers yet another unique amenity to guests and builds mutual brand strength as both Dukes and Hackett are so quintessentially British. The Globetrotter trunk filled with specially selected menswear takes away the hassle of going into a store and allows infrequent shoppers to explore Hackett’s collection in the beautiful setting of their own room at Dukes. There is no obligation to buy any of the items, it is simply another premium service offered to Dukes’ guests. In the future Dukes hopes to expand partnerships with other British brands and is currently working on a signature Dukes scent with British family perfumers, Floris. In addition, Dukes is also seeking a premium womenswear brand to partner with in hopes of offering a similar service to its female guests. The Dukes – Hackett partnership is a premium example of implementing a carefully selected collaboration to build a strong brand.

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