Boost Your Breakfast Routine

18/04/2016 14:39:35

Looking for a quick, healthy breakfast that doesn't leave you longing for lunch? These protein packed snacks could be the perfect offering for guests to your spa or gym.

FUEL10K HQ are inspired by the theory of 10,000 hours, first put forward by Dr Anders Ericsson, and then later popularised by Malcolm Gladwell. 

That’s 20 hours a week, 1000 hours a year, for 10 years, totalling 10,000 hours as the acknowledged level of application required to achieve excellence in a chosen field. Hours in for results out – that’s what it takes to be elite.

Whatever you’re into, they believe protein is a good thing. Especially first thing in the morning when the body could do with extra protein to send you on your way. FUEL10K offers a range of tasty breakfasts with the added benefit of being protein boosted to simply fuel you through the morning.

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Fuel 10K are exhibitors of IFE
Image credit: Fuel 10K's Instagram