Achieving timeless and classic hospitality design

18/02/2016 11:39:00

Ella Jade explores the importance of focusing on classic and timeless designs in order to ensure longevity for customers and shares her expertise with us...

Many people’s first experience of Ella Jade Bitton will have been on the BBC1 TV Series ‘The Apprentice’ in 2014. Since then the respected interior designer has launched Ella Jade Interiors into Harrods, which has grown into a highly acclaimed interior design brand with headquarters in Central London,

On day four of Hotelympia (1pm on The Stage) Ella Jade will be treating show visitors to a masterclass on design in the hospitality sector. Here, ahead of her talk, she gives us a taste of what we can expect.

When designing in the hospitality sector, it’s incredibly important to focus on the classic and timeless nature of the design. This will ensure longevity for the client.

But what do we mean by timeless and classic? They can be traditional, modern, art deco or retro. But, in any style, the colour scheme is crucial to create a timeless feel. Use two or three colours in a matching colour palette, and then add vibrancy through accessories such as cushions, art pieces and flowers.

A great tip is to combine different materials to create texture in the room.  An example of this is to use a darker Wenge veneered wood for the cabinets, with a cream colour surround of textured walls and wood panelling. Remember, when designing in hospitality, the efficiency of cleanliness is a crucial factor making dark coloured carpets or wood flooring, a must. 

Image courtesy of CD (UK) LTD The exclusive UK distributors of  Dupont™ Corian®

Image courtesy of CD (UK) LTD The exclusive UK distributors of  Dupont™ Corian®

Different materials have different qualities and benefits. Corian, for example, is a suitable choice for hospitality because it doesn’t tend to scratch easily and is non-absorbent. Corian can be used as worktops for bathrooms, kitchens and open surfaces in bedrooms.

Quartz is also manufactured antibacterial and therefore is ideal for public spaces and reception areas, bars and restaurants.

During my talk at the show, I look forward to imparting more hints and tips, as well as discussing current interior design trends.

I will also be paying considerable attention to how interior design relates to fashion and is becoming the new fashion choice to showcase the ‘personality’ of a space or brand.

I would love you to be there.

Ella Jade